The warmest ocean I’ve ever felt

Hi there, it’s me again. After all that blabbing I’m afraid I forgot to tell you my name, how silly of me. My name is TRIP. My human family from Port Alfred named me Trip because they could foresee I was eager to leave the nest. And indeed I did as soon as I could.

Now, South Beach has literally grown on me after these few months living here. I even learned to speak a little Spanish because as you know, Spanish is the first language down here; otherwise you cannot even order a coffee (coladita) or something to eat (arroz con frijoles).

I love the Latin culture though, they’re so nice and warm almost like the ocean over here….Ahhhh, the ocean……What a marvelous ocean I’ve been enjoying over at this end of the Globe. I call it “Fish Soup” is so warm; and it’s this warm all year long for what they’re telling me. I can see this mesmerizing ocean from my suite at the Penguin Hotel, so like a Swiss clock, every day at sunset, I lay down on my private deck, feet up on a lounge chair and contemplate the beauty of this place.

My human mom Emma used to tell me a story when I was about 2 years old about this girl that used to say “There’s no place like home”; well, my friends, this is home to me now; this hotel that carries my name, this “fish soup” they call ocean, these white sandy beaches, this loud but lovely people…..I’m finally home, and it doesn’t look at all like Antarctica.

We talk soon, my human friends…Off to “catch” a Mojito at the Purple Penguin Cafe. Hey! I’m sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…..